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today. 5 host
tomorrow. 5 host
thursday. 10 host curbside
friday. 5 expo
saturday. 10 host curbside / 4 curbside
sunday. 10 host curbside / 4 host curbside
monday. 4 host curbside
tuesday. 5 host

this is sweet.

feel free to visit me<3

i had an amazing night last night.
the higher is such a fucking good band.

<3Collapse )

i fucking love it how i dont talk to kyle rich all school year, and then he comes back home and we are best friends again. hes the only kid i actually like talking on the phone to... its weird. hes amazing though, and im so glad i ran into him last night. and fuck me for being soo tired right now or else i would be with him. <3

other than that, jills home. i start drivers ed on monday at fucking 8 am. im quitting rubys asap. maine is soo so so soon, and i cannot fucking wait to get away from this place for a week. summer is official.

i love a lot right now.
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i just dont give a fuck any more.

i miss my best friend a lot
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